!skills [champion]

Shows the League of Legends help commands

!probuilds [champion]

Shows champion counter picks and tips for a specific champ

!counters [champion]

Shows highest winrate champion item build

Shows stats and tips for a certain champ

Shows stats for a summoner

!champion [champion]


!skills [champion]

Shows details of the current Meta and highest winrate champs


Gets build info

!opgg [summoner name]

Shows details of the lane specific Meta and most OP champs for the role

League of Legends


!summoner [summoner]

Shows list of the highest pickrate champions

Shows most banned champs

Shows champion role and skill build


!items [champion]

Ask League-releated questions to professional coaches and get them answered

Gets probuilds champion builds, parameter -p if player (i.e !probuilds doublelift -p)


!chgg [champion name]

Set region (default region is NA). To set the region for a single command, use the -region supplement (e.g. !summoner Hide on Bush -KR)

Gets summoner stat

!region [region]


!hs [card]

Displays a given Hearthstone card's detail


!fortnite [playername] [pc|xb1|ps4]

Displays a player's public profile information including winrate & kills.


Shows tag help commands for storing tags


Show the top-ranked SenseiBot users on your server

Add this bot to your own server!

!anime [anime name]


Shows admin help for restricting roles

Send us any feedback you have for how we can improve this bot!



Get link to official server

Shows info for a particular anime


Shows music help which lists all the commands



Support us, follow us on social media!

Get a list of all available memes



Ask the magic 8ball anything!

Show your current SenseiScore or the score of any other SenseiBot user

!8ball [question]

General Commands


!playlist # swap # #

!playlist save [title]

Adds song to queue and starts playing

!music [song name/URL]

Pause playing of music

Lists all the songs in playlist #

!music pause


Toggle shuffling of music queue

Rename a playlist

Resume Music

!music playlist #

!music play


Skip to next song in queue

Add new saved playlist with [title]

!music skip/next

!playlist remove #

!probuilds [champion]

Toggle shuffling of music queue

!music shuffle

!playlist remove #

 Toggles looping of current music queue

Add all songs from playlist # to queue

!music loop

List your current saved playlists

Remove song at # in queue

!music remove #

!playlist #

 Save current song queue to playlist [title]

Swap two songs in queue

!music swap #

!playlist new [title]

Toggle shuffling of music queue

 Stops playing, erases queue, leaves channel


!music stop

Gets probuilds champion builds, parameter -p if player (i.e !probuilds doublelift -p)

Sets volume 00-99, default: 30

!playlist # add [song name/URL]

!music volume ##

Swap two songs in playlist #

Removes playlist number #

Shows list of queued songs

!music queue

!playlist # rename [name]

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